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Our annual cycling event takes place each year and each of the routes has been designed to be a challenge to riders of all different levels.

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distance50 Kilometres

plus490 Metres

minus490 Metres

max9.7% Max Grade

min-7.4% Min Grade

Designed to take in some of the most beautiful villages and lanes in East Cheshire and to be an accessible, but challenging ride for the first-time sportive rider.

From the Seashell campus there is a gentle warm up heading out through Handforth and Woodford to Poynton. After Poynton the route joins quieter roads and climbs steadily…several miles up to the highest point at Pott Shrigley. The climbs on this section are the hardest on the 50km route.

Once past Shrigley Hall Hotel its Gradual down hill with a view of White Nancy on Top of Kerridge Hill on the way into the old Cotton Spinning town of Bollington.
The route then winds out through Broken Cross out onto the winding Cheshire Lanes. Pexhill Road takes riders to the furthest point on the course, then its turn for home winding route through pretty villages for Over Alderley, Mottram St Andrew before returning to HQ via Dean Row and Handforth.

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distance75 Kilometres

plus1,134 Metres

minus1,134 Metres

max11.5% Max Grade

min-13.7% Min Grade

Splitting once you pass Shirgley Hall Hotel the route turns up one of the best-known hill climbs in the area, The Brickworks, where riders get their first glimpse of the stunning expanse of countryside that awaits. Just enough time to catch your breath and its up… Windgather. Look out for climbers on the rock face.

At Pym Chair you drop down into the stunning Goyt Valley, one of the highlights of this route where red deer can be spotted but keep your eyes on the road!

After taking some refreshment at Derbyshire Bridge feed station its down Rabbit Hill to Algreave ready for Barlow Hill then on to Sutton and Gawsworth before joining the 50km route back to Seashell.

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distance100 Kilometres

plus1,677 Metres

minus1,677 Metres

max11.7% Max Grade

min-13.9% Min Grade

Taking a sharp left at Algreave the long climb to Flash (allegedly the highest village in England) awaits. The reward is more spectacular scenery a glimpse of the rarely-seen Belted Galloway cattle and the welcoming feed station at Quarnford village hall.

A chance to share some cycling bants and a hot drink… before heading along the Leek Road on the approach to the beautiful Roaches. Look out for cattle in the middle of the road. Gun Hill, featured on many national competitive rides, will get your legs working again (try cycling out of the saddle o avoid cramping up) with a short respite at a welcome feed station before the joys of Wincle after which you join the 75km riders.

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distance170 Kilometres

plus2,792 Metres

minus2,793 Metres

max14.1% Max Grade

min-13.8% Min Grade

Grande by name, grande by nature. Not for the faint-hearted this loop is both a lung-buster and a leg-buster.
Flash is where this route diverges again and takes riders to Longnor and up the cheeky Crowdecote climb. Riders now enter Staffordshire for the first time, meandering along quiet country lanes and through…

the impressive Tissington estate where you will receive a warm Seashell greeting at the feed station. Look out for cattle grids and the ford before you get to Ilam and its weaving deceptive hard climb.

Not long now before the surprising short but sharp Stoneyfold Lane and then you rejoin the 100km route crossing the Leek road towards the Roaches.

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