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Seashell’s Cycle Centre

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Work on Seashell’s Cycle Centre has commenced and is set to be a valuable addition to the site and the local community.

The pioneering facility aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people with SEND through cycling. The first of its kind in the UK, this bespoke cycle centre will enable individuals to learn to ride in a safe and inclusive environment.

Construction of the centre will commence in two phases; the first of which will replicate many aspects of road cycling, including working traffic lights for riders to navigate, along with model road signs and markings to follow. The second phase involves the installation of a 2KM cycle track, which will snake around the site and include different surfaces and obstacles for a more ‘off road’ experience. Movement and physical activity is an important focus at Seashell, and plays a crucial part in the Trust’s holistic approach to wellbeing.

Sport England Chief Executive, Tim Hollingworth said: “Every disabled child and young person has the right to be active. That’s why Sport England continues to prioritise the development of accessible, inclusive and enjoyable opportunities for all children and young people as part of our Uniting the Movement strategy.“

Co-Head of Seashell Active, Gemma Lynch said of the project: “This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity for our students, residents and the community to experience the benefits of cycling. We hope that this will open up many opportunities for young people and adults to gain confidence on bikes, try adapted and inclusive cycles and for training opportunities.”

Work on the new cycle centre at Seashell is expected to be completed and ready for students and the community to use this Summer.