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Bikes, Helmets & Parking

Do I need to wear a helmet when I ride the Seashell Sportive?

It is a rule of ours that all riders must wear a helmet. Failure to do so will result in you being refused entry to the ride and no refund will be given.

Do I have to use a traditional road bike?

No. Mountain, gravel, hybrid, single speed, pedal assist, BMX, Raleigh Chopper, penny farthing bikes are all welcome. However, if you would like to check, feel free to contact us.

Do you allow bikes with Aero/tri bars?

Yes – However we expect all riders to ride according to the highway code and racing or time trialling is not permitted. You must be ready to brake at any time, take immediate avoiding action and prepare for riding in groups; tri bars tend not to be conducive to safe riding under these conditions.

Can I Ride an Electric Pedal Assist Bike?

Yes, as long as your bicycle is UK road legal, you are welcome to ride it.


Is there a discount to the ride if I’m a member of British Cycling or another Cycling Association?

No – We are a charity ride and if we were to give discounts, this would reduce our charitable giving capability…. So we don’t. We hope you understand.

Can you change routes once you’ve booked?

Yes, please notify us in advance or on the day.

Can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds, as we are 100% charitable. However If you do need to withdraw or cancel, we are able to offer you a change of name or a deferred entry to our next event. Please contact lorna.thompson@seashelltrust.org.uk with your details.

Can I ride if I am under 18?

No this is an over 18 event.

Ride Preparation

Can I go for practice / training rides on the course?

Yes, you can, please do. You’ll be able to find links to the GPX/TCX files on the route pages several weeks before the event.

When can I access the route files (GPX/TCX) to download to my navigation device?

Draft versions are available from the end of July 2022. You may use these for your own purposes when you sign up, but please be aware they may be subject to change. The final versions will be available from the middle of August.

Registration, Timing and Route

What Time will registration/sign-on open?

We’ll be sending out registration packs prior to ride day. Please ensure your numbers and/or stickers are attached to your bike/helmet. You’ll be barcode scanned through and ready to ride straight away.

What time will the riders set off on Sunday?

  • Epic (170 Km) Start 07:00hrs
  • Long (100 Km) Start 07.00hrs
  • Medium (70 Km) Start 08.00hrs
  • Short (50 Km) Start 08:00hrs
No riders will be allowed to depart before the first stated time of 0700. For logistics purposes we want to ensure that all riders depart within the stated time of their ride. If this presents a significant problem for you, such as preventing you signing up, get in touch and we will try and accommodate.

Will the course be marked?

Yes. All four of our routes will be fully marked with all kinds of information such as turns, caution, feed stations, route divergence etc. In addition, each route will have a gpx/tcx navigation file you can download.

How long do I have to complete the routes?

You must be back at Seashell by 17:45hrs, The Car Park will Closes at 18.30hrs

Where are the feed stations?

  • Derbyshire Bridge
  • Quarnford Village Hall
  • Bent Lane Ford
  • Layby After Gun Hall
  • Layby on Birtles Lane

What happens if I miss any of the cut off times?

You will be diverted down a shorter route, back to the ride finish. The ride finish has a cut off / closure time due to restrictions on our access to the Seashell site. Please be aware of this, especially if you park your car there. All ride timings will be published in your Rider Pack, which will be sent to you before the event. Any rider who ignore this will ride at their own risk and will not be supported by the Seashell Sportive.

What happens if I run in to difficulties on the ride?

All riders are responsible for themselves during the event, including making arrangements to get back to the start if necessary. However, there is an emergency ‘Rider Control/ number you can call, and we will try to assist and advice on how to resolve your problem. We also have emergency motorbike riders around the course of all four rides. We do not however provide a ‘Sag Wagon’ service to pick up those riders who drop out or carry equipment. There are trained bike mechanics at our major feed stations and the ride start.

Other Stuff

Are there facilities for Spectators?

There will be space for spectators and friends to cheer on the riders when they depart and return to the ‘Ride Village’ at Seashell as well as roadside throughout the course.